EWPG Submission Guideline

I. General Guidelines (in preparing your English manuscript for submission): 1. Must be unpublished and not under review elsewhere. 2. Include an accurate and informative proposal and statement. 3. For academic books, address an important problem of research value; Display a high level of analytical, argumentative, creative, and qualitative theorizing, and clearly communicate to a […]

East-West Publishing Group (EWPG) has been established

East-West Publishing Group (EWPG) has been established in California, USA. EWPG aims to promote dialogues and exchanges between East and West, emphasizing comprehensive and comparative studies across cultures and disciplines. EWPG publishes various books in humanities, social sciences, literature/arts, and other subject areas. EWPG sincerely welcomes manuscript submissions, and provides high-quality professional services with enthusiasm. EWPG has a […]